We build e-commerce websites, technical architectural planning and development, mobile apps and full-stack development. But no matter what we’re working on, we’re your partners — here to build elegant and seamless user experiences that make customers happy and deliver your business a measurable ROI.

Our clients are our heroes.

Let us tell you some of their success stories.

Greenhouse Juice

With a successful retail presence and growing brand awareness, we helped Greenhouse Juice harness the power of digital platforms to expand their business nationally.

  • E-Commerce websites
  • Custom Website Development
  • Technology Integrations
  • Web-based Applications

And when their retail stores were shut down due to Covid, they were able to use their existing digital infrastructure to pivot their offering. Utilizing the technology we built for them, they introduced Plant Pantry, a shoppable collection of healthy, locally sourced, and sustainable goods, all delivered via contactless doorstep service. Not only did they find a new way to do business during the pandemic, they also provided much needed support to local businesses.

We helped set them up for success by automating and integrating various business processes, including Shopify, Finance, Custom Delivery & Fulfillment.


When the HRPA, the largest network of HR professionals in Canada, updated their strategy to support and lead HR into the future, we were asked to help bring their brand promise to life on their most important touchpoint: their website.

  • E-Commerce websites
  • Custom Website Development
  • Technology Integrations
  • Web-based Applications

We partnered with their creative agency, The Garden, to translate their strategy and creative reinvention. Their site was a complex maze of information (self-admittedly) which wasn’t meeting the diverse needs of the organization's multiple stakeholders. We transformed the site into an easy-to-navigate online experience. In the end, our partners at the Garden and our amazing clients embraced digital tools as an important delivery system for not just their message, but even their services.

We helped set them up for success with a Custom Wordpress theme, Traffic analysing and technical architecture planning (Trellis and Bedrock), API & Single Sign On integration (calendar).

We’re nerds who usually speak human — but if you’re a nerd too, this next part is for you:

What we can make for you

Custom design implementation, work with marketing/SEO, Accessibility, Performance

We have an expert understanding of how e-commerce needs to work in today’s marketplace. Our focus is on creating a seamless user experience that results in fulfilled orders. While we can build a site in nearly any e-commerce solution, we specialize in Shopify and Solidus/Spree. We provide:

  • Fully integrated solutions – from purchase to shipping, fulfillment and ERP integration
  • Site optimization – we understand that waiting for your site to load can affect your conversion rate. We work with you to ensure your site is running at top speed.
  • Custom support packages – There is no one size fits all solution. We find the right solution to our clients specific needs. Our goal is to help you deliver what you promised, when you promised it.

We are experts in technologies such as React, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, PHP, HTML5, CSS/Sass, Javascript, and jQuery. And we’re always learning more.

We build web-based apps with elegant user experiences that deliver measurable ROI.

  • increased sales through online channels
  • more efficient return processes
  • digital platform that scales with demand
  • React Native development for multi-platform mobile apps
  • Allow your customers to access digital products through a few clicks on their smartphones,
    • includes: push notifications, ecommerce, thoughtful mobile layouts
  • Integrating with APIs from simple REST endpoints to complex, complete integrations
  • Content Management Integrations
    • e.g Static site generation with tools like GatsbyJS and Hugo
  • Custom publishing tool sets
  • Automated Continuous Integration workflows.
  • Digital Roadmaps
  • Technology Stack planning and diagramming
  • Planning for scaling/future growth
  • DNS coordination
  • Server configuration