Our Services


Custom web development

Our developers are highly experienced, excellent coders. We build responsive, secure, scalable applications that get you the results you need. We specialize in:

  • Full stack development (front & back end) – we are experts in technologies such as React, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, PHP, HTML5, CSS/Sass, Javascript, and jQuery. And we’re always learning more.

  • Technology integrations (API) – we have experience integrating with APIs from simple REST endpoints to complex, complete integrations

  • CMS integration – we are experts in Craft CMS, Wordpress, Gatsby and many other systems. We always find the best fit for your project.

Here are the languages & frameworks we work with most…


We have an expert understanding of how e-commerce needs to work in today’s marketplace. Our focus is on creating a seamless user experience that results in fulfilled orders. While we can build a site in nearly any e-commerce solution, we specialize in Shopify and Solidus/Spree. We provide:

  • Fully integrated solutions – from purchase to shipping, fulfillment and ERP integration

  • Site optimization – we understand that waiting for your site to load can affect your conversion rate. We work with you to ensure your site is running at top speed.

  • Custom support packages – There is no one size fits all solution. We find the right solution to our clients specific needs. Our goal is to help you deliver what you promised, when you promised it.

Agency Partners

We love collaborating with agencies! Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous large and small agencies. Partnering with Tag Digital Studios will help you to:

  • Take on larger clients and projects

  • Give you extra muscle when you need it

  • Deliver what you promised, when you promised it

Virtual CTO

We know you want to build a great company – not just cool technology. We get that technology is only useful if it serves your business goals. At Tag Digital Studios, our priority is to ensure your technology strategy serves your business strategy. We help you:

  • Define & choose the best technology to meet your long & short term business needs

  • Optimize your processes

  • Develop technological roadmaps so you can see where to go next.

  • Understand how your technology works & why you need it

On-going Support

Your digital products only move your business forward if they are secure & evolving with industry standards. Obsolete or outdated technology will give you lousy results. Through monthly maintenance contracts, we take the stress out of your digital products. We provide:

  • Peace of mind knowing your digital products will continue to work the way they need to

  • 4th level priority support – when you have customer issues that you don’t know how to solve, we can step in and take care of it

  • Monitoring – we can monitor your products for stability and also for necessary upgrades