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Tim Glen

It all started when…

Hello!  My name is Tim Glen. I’m the founder of Tag Digital Studios. I started this company almost ten years ago with a desire to be different. After working in the dev world for over a decade, I got tired of seeing programers over promise and under deliver. Over engineer products & inflate budgets. Recommend technologies because they were new & sexy instead of what the client needed.

I knew I could provide a better experience. I was certain it could be more simple. Less stressful. Maybe even fun! After all, technology should serve your needs & move your business forward – not make your life more complicated!

I’m so proud of the team I’ve built – both our in house employees and our trusted partners. They are smart, creative, problem solvers who are great at what they do. They care about our clients & work hard to make them look like heroes.

We are real people who deliver what we promise, when we promise it. We work collaboratively and give back to our community. We focus on building digital products that work so our clients can focus on their next big idea – not their technology woes.

You can read more about us on Our Values and Services pages.

It boils down to this – Tag Digital Studios:

  • Delivers right-sized digital solutions that work.

  • Takes the stress out of digital product development.

  • Has a proven depth of experience and passion for ongoing learning.

As much as I love my business & technology, my favourite wins are at home. I’ve been married to my wife (and business partner), Rachel for over 20 years. We have 3 teenaged children and one crazy dog who adds to the chaos. I enjoy watching movies, drinking really good coffee and waterskiing as much as possible.

I’d love to get to know you, hear about your business and how we might help you with your next big idea.

You can reach me at timglen@tagstudios.io or 226.486.2442.


Tim Glen
Tag Digital Studios Inc.

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